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Q & A

Here are some common questions with answers to help you better understand what Loyalsock Firewood, is all about.

Q. What kind of products do you carry?

A. We carry bundled kiln dried firewood, gusseted bag kiln dried firewood,bundled kiln dried chiminea firewood, and bundled kiln dried kindling sticks. We also carry fiber mesh bags primarily used for bakeries or restaurants.

Q. Why are Loyalsock Firewood's bundles the best?

A. Our bundled firewood is all kiln dried, hand assembled, rectangular in shape, stackable, wrapped int heavy plastic and equipped with a carrying handle.

Q. Why is kiln dried firewood the best?

A. Kiln dried firewood is insect and plant disease free. This helps to insure that disease is not tranferred from region to region, keeping our forests safe. Kiln dried firewood creates less smoke, ash, and creosote by-products helping to minimize maintenance and eviromental impact. Kiln dried firewood averages to be less than 20% moisture making it easy and fast to ignite.

Q. What is the difference between green, seasoned, and kiln dried firewood?

A. Green firewood is standing timber that has been freshly cut. This wood is full of water and sap. It does not burn well or produce much heat because the water and sap has to be boiled out of the wood fibers first. Results are a smoky fire that is difficult to ignite and maintain while producing ash and creosote. Another factor to keep in mind is that green wood harbors bugs and plant diseases. When green wood is transported into a warm enviroment these things come to life and have the potential to infest your home.

Seasoned firewood is composes of logs that have been cut and split at least a year ago. This time allows water and sap to naturally evaporate or dry from the wood and creates a better burning product. The drawback to purchasing seasoned wood is not always apparent because most importantly you do now know how long the wood has been aged unless you have cut it yourself. Remember bugs and diseases harbor in the water of the wood. Seasoned wood does not eliminate the possibility of bug/larva or plant diseases infestation. Water is the main factor you are trying to eliminate in order to increase heat.

Kiln dried firewood is cut and split into timber that is placed in a heated oven. This drying process forces water out of the core of the wood while it kills bugs, larva and diseases. When we burn wood we are looking to create heat and dry wood fibers are what probuce that. I cannot stress the ease of ignition and maintenance of a kiln dried fire. Heat is easy to produce and regulate since the wood is prepared to burn. Our customers love our product.